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Adding this feature to Waze can save thousands of lives
Make way and make time for patients on the road
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Mar 02, 2018

Waze, a navigation app that amassed over 65 million users, is loved for its novelty in forming a community of users sharing real-time traffic and road info, thus saving commute time. Ms. Orel Bitan, a creative director and freelance copywriter came to a realization of how a small addition of public notification to Waze's existing functionalities could save lives. So she made this following video to demonstrate her idea. 

What this new feature essentially does is notify drivers of the presence of an ambulance or emergency vehicle behind them, so the drivers can make ways and most importantly, make time for patients who are racing between life and death. Ms. Bitan offered some statistics on her findings:

-According to"MailOnline" 3,000 heart attack victims could be saved each year in England if 90 per cent of emergency calls were answered in 8 minutes.

-According to "The Telegraph" The chance of surviving a heart attack reduces by 10 per cent with every minute that passes.

-According to a research by Elena Lucchese (a Ph.D. student in Economics at the University of Bologna, Italy.), a minute increase in response time results in a 2% increase in the probability of highly severe health conditions at the ambulance arrival on the scene and by 0.4% rise in the probability of death by the arrival at the hospital. 

-According to "The Nation" 20% of emergency patient deaths in Thailand blamed on traffic jam delays.

-According to "The New York Post" a rapid EMS response significantly increases a patient’s chance of survival. Brain death can occur in 4 to 6 minutes in respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest and overdose cases.

She has been pushing and pitching her idea to Waze and Google for more than three years with no luck. We hope this post may serve this purpose and spread the idea to as many audience as possible to raise awareness, and ultimately get notice from Waze. Please share if you think it's a great idea or comment below to tell us your thoughts. Many thanks!

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