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Flow Hive is a grow buzz in crowdfunding and beekeeping
Honey on Tap from your own beehive
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Mar 08, 2018

Want to venture a guess on what the largest funded project on Indiegogo is about? No, not drones, not robots, not AI-powered technologies. A bee hive called Flow Hive to help beekeepers harvest honey more efficiently, collects $13.9 million on Indiegogo, a whopping 18983% of the pledge amount.

Flow Hive, invented by an Australian father-son duo, features a partially built honeycomb, which bees will later cover in wax, complete the cells, fill with honey and cap with their wax. Beekeepers will be able to view the inside and see whether the honey cells have been capped for harvest.

And when the time comes, the whole box turns into a honey tab by inserting and turning a handle. The actions will break open cells inside the honeycomb to form channels, and allow the honey to flow all the way down to the jar.


After all the honey is emptied from the honeycomb, the bees will chew away the capping, repair the cells and fill the comb with honey again. And there the beekeepers behold for another harvesting season.
Unlike traditional beekeeping, Flow Hive is easy and efficient to operate, requires little maintenance, and provides an ultimate carefree beekeeping experience. Especially for beginners, you will not have to deal with the following.


Some professionals are concerned with the use plastic comb, as it will keep toxins in the honey, which can be otherwise removed by a natural wax comb. Also questions are raised on the effectiveness of Flow Hive when dealing with colder weather, which may cause crystallization of honey and subsequently clog the flow. And seasoned beekeepers criticize Flow Hive taking away "stewardship" in the practice. Well, I guess Flow Hive certainly is a popular invention but not a perfect one.


The new campaign is up on Indiegogo and the new Flow Hive 2 is available to adopters from the US and Australia for $699 including shipping. Estimated delivery will be in May 2018.



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