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3 Kitchen Tools That Will Make You Go “Woah”
Quicker And Better
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 08, 2018

Don’t you enjoy it when you are in the mood to cook and smart technology eases up your cooking experience! They say, “cooking is one of the many virtues of life” and with these top 3 kitchen tools by your side, you are sure going to win over life.

Rapid Thaw - Heating Tray

Defrosting that favorite lamb steak, straight out from the refrigerator can take ages! If you are planning to prepare a dish for your family and the lamb steak hasn’t thawed off perfectly, then fret not, as this heating tray will set your cooking dilemma free. Rapid Thaw defrosting tray is aero-aluminum which comes with enamel coating, allowing your food to remain safe while defrosting it within minutes. Be it the lamb steak, rock-hard meat or refrigerated salmon, the heating tray is equipped with a conductive metal which makes the thawing process easy and prompt. It’s dishwasher safe and lightweight to be stored anywhere in your kitchen. Still having trouble with the rock-hard poultry? What about now

Multifunctional Silicone Plastic Wrap

Easy. Useful. Handy. If you are troubled with regular wastage of your food at home or can’t find a solution to store the fresh fruits and veggies, then this kitchen tool is ideal for you. This multifunctional silicone plastic wrap comes with a smart design. It can be used as a vacuum lid for bowls to lock the freshness of the food, plastic wrap to preserve the crunch of fruits and vegetables, anti-slip mat to avoid sudden slipping of the container and can lid opener for tough jam and pickle bottles. Its microwave safe feature enables it to be used with food containers for heating and grilling purpose. The durable silicone material ensures its flexibility for a long time. Available at an affordable price, if you too want to bid goodbye to your everyday kitchen hassles, then this plastic wrap is a must for your kitchen. 

1-Minute Salad Maker

Make the perfect salad for yourself without sweating it over! This salad maker comes with an easy-to-use style which can make even the boring veggies a delightful touch. All you need to do is select your favorite vegetables or fruits, give them a good wash and place it in this salad maker bowl. As you chop through the bowl, the salad gets ready in a minute and you can binge on healthy eating. It’s completely hassle-free and affordable. 

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