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Six "Guard" Gadgets While You're on a Trip
to ensure a safe trip
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Mar 07, 2018

While you’re out you are constantly worried to take care of all belongings. Travelling is indeed hectic at times. Thanks to technology, these gadgets keep you safe while you travel for a far off destination. Here’s a list of six devices that you must take along with you while you’re planning for the next trip.

1.     UltraTuff TSA Approved Lock

Keep your belongings secure at all times when traveling with TSA approved locks. This lightweight, UltraTuff TSA approved lock can be set with a three-dial combination of your choice and is the best tool for securing your luggage. The UltraTuff includes an open-luggage indicator that will pop up if your bag has been inspected and TSA agent relocks your suitcase before they can remove their key. Every TSA approved lock has an identifying mark that shows it may be opened by the master key. The UltraTuff locks come in red or black and can be purchased for $14 at Amazon.  

2.     Zero Grid- Travel Security and Hidden Money Wallet

Who doesn’t want to keep money secure all the time?  Zero Grid- Travel Security and Hidden Money Wallet is an inexpensive way to keep your pocket money and even some documents invisible at all times. It provides discrete anti-theft protection for all travelers and is made from high-grade nylon webbing that prevents fraying and tears. It also holds multiple bills, paper ID copies, and spare keys without requiring inconvenient folds. You can purchase it directly from the Zero Grid site for $25.

3.     goTenna makes communications possible

Imagine your smartphone is working, even when you’re completely off the grid. Designed for the campers and the travelers, this handy device make it possible to keep your devices connected nearly anywhere. The tiny and lightweight goTenna, lets you send texts and GPS locations, as well as access detailed offline maps. goTenna is also weather-proof, and easy to use. Purchase it directly from the official store for $124.

4.    Road ID- Safety Bracelet

In the event of emergency, Road ID bracelet can help save lives and provide priceless peace of mind. This personalized bracelet allows you to include info such as your name, emergency contact numbers, and medical info or anything else someone helping you might need. Road iD wristbands can be adjusted to fit most wrists and come in six (6) colors. It costs $25 from the official site.

5.     Tile Sport- Bluetooth Tracker

Find your lost items with this device particularly when you’re on a trip. Yes, you read it right. Rugged and waterproof, the all-new Tile Sport is ready to find your things no matter where life takes you. And if you can't find even your phone? Just press your Tile twice to make your phone ring even when it's on silent. The Tile community can help you find your things, fast -wherever they are. You can purchase it for $35 from the official site Tile.

6.    Reflective Luggage ID Set

Whether you’re travelling via train or airline, this luggage set ensures to identify your bags with easy-to-spot luggage ID tags. Reflective Luggage ID Set includes, handle wraps, easy-grip zipper pulls and mesh window ID tag and will stand out in the crowd. It costs just $26 from the official site Eagle Creek.
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