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ApoQlar bid to revolutionize surgeries with mixed & augmented reality
but there is still a long way to becoming real
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Mar 07, 2018

We are seeing a wave of AR/VR/MR adoptions attempting to be the game-changer in medical fields. ApoQlar, a Germany-based startup is one of the pioneers to specifically disrupt how surgeries are done.


ApoQlar is developing a mixed reality solution called the Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) that enables surgeons to view CT or MRI imaging of the patient in 3D during operation.


Prior to procedure, the patient's MRI or CT scan results are uploaded to Azure CloudPlatform, which later allows surgeon to utilize and manipulate with the help of HoloLens. The VSI is able to recognize individual patients and fixate the 3D scan to the surgical site. Surgeons wearing the HoloLens is able to position and control the imaging via gesture and voice commands, hence acquire the best information for locating, orienting and visualizing the surgical area.


Postoperatively, VSI can assist in evaluating results and patient's recovery progress.


The company lists the following benefits for using this VSI technology:
  • Improved anatomical orientation
  • No anatomical surprises
  • Time saving and quality assurance
  • Patient data, progress of disease, and onsite connection to other medical professionals all readily available.


A growing advisory board of highly qualified professionals from different medical fields are helping the company to improve design and functionality. But up to now the product is pretty far from becoming a reality, as  the prototype is still in development stage and so is the software. 

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