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The Maximum Drywall Axe Cuts DryWall Fast.
An all-in-one hand tool that can measure and cut
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Mar 06, 2018

The Maximum Drywall Axe is the perfect tool for the DYIer.  You can measure, mark, and cut with one easy-to-use tool. It is basically the fusion of a tape measure and a retractable blade so that everything that needs to be cut can be measured precisely prior to cutting. Then you just need to lock the measuring tape and cut whatever size it is that you need, but all the while keeping the exact measurement.

The Maximum Drywall Axe is super easy to use. The built-in measuring tape can measure up to ten feet so reaching your desired length is not an issue.  Once you have the measurement you need you can simply lock its length in an easy motion with your thumb and place the axe onto your drywall.  Drag the blade and your tape measure at the same time for the perfect cut at the exact size that you need, consistently.  There is a nail hole at the tape measure end of the axe which can also help you hold it in place. Additionally, there is a built-in slot for a pencil on the blade end of the axe to give the axe more options of use, such as for repetitive tasks they can just be marked ahead of time.

The Axe itself is lightweight so it’s easy to carry and hold. It weighs a little less than one pound and is made from metal, but the grip is made out of rubber which gives the benefit of a stronger grip and added comfort and control over your tool.

The Axe doesn’t need to be used only on drywall. It can also be used on floor tile, carpet, linoleum, wood flooring, insulation, wood paneling, hanging pictures and blinds, cutting g fabrics, foam boards, vinyl siding, plywood, ceiling tile, roof shingles, and so much more!

The axe can be yours for $39 USD.

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