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YodelUP smart band brings connectivity to the slope
This Smart Band is bringing Skiing and Snowboarding into the 21st century
Darius Sahebjavaher
By Darius Sahebjavaher
Mar 06, 2018

Today, we are all more connected than ever before. Whether you’re sharing your latest adventures on social media, finding your way to a new restaurant, or simply sending a text to a loved one, chances are, you’re on your smartphone, and you’re on it a lot.

However, connectivity on the ski hill is still behind the wave, and it needs to catch up. You can post pictures of an incredible day riding on Instagram, but when it comes to meeting up with friends on the mountain, you’re still stuck fumbling with your phone on the chairlift. Ever had your phone battery die on you on the slopes due to the cold?

YodelUP Smart Band is here to fill that gap. With it you can use your devices and apps with your phone safely stored in your pocket. You can change your music, find your friends (lights show their direction like a compass), communicate with your group of friends with our app-based walkie-talkie, control your GoPro, answer calls, check the time,or send an SOS.

YodelUP is waterproof, shockproof and has large tactile buttons you can easily feel over gloves. The battery last 12 hours at -20°C during typical use (1 week at room temperature).

Like a co-pilot, YodelUP takes care of the tech so you can maximize your moments on the mountain. You can easily meet with friends via the friend finder and stay seamlessly in touch throughout the day with the walkie-talkie. Did we mention YodelUP can be attached to various adaptors for other sports? They are releasing adaptors (e.g. a handlebar mount adaptor for motorsports and cycling) and app updates so you can enjoy YodelUP wherever your adventure takes you.

You can pre-order a YodelUP at its official website. They offer FREE Shipping to US and Canada, and you can get a better deal by ordering a 2-PACK or 4-PACK.

PS: Darius is the founder and CEO of YodelUP, a Vancouver-based startup that brings connectivity to outdoor adventure.

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