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Okta Mecanum Forklift Movement can move in all directions
even sideways and diagonally
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Mar 01, 2018

The Okta Mecanum Forklift gives the illusion of floating over the ground. It can move in directions that you wouldn’t have imagined wheels would allow a vehicle to move. Sideways, diagonally, left to right, up and down. The secret to this unusual movement is all in the wheel.

The Mecanum wheel is a wheel which can move in any direction. Each wheel is covered in rollers that are set at a 45-degree angle. Controlled by a joystick you can individually control each wheel giving the forklift a much wider range of motion. 


When moving the four wheels together in the same direction you get the conventional backwards and forwards movement of most vehicles. However, when moving the wheels in the opposite direction to those on the other side of the forklift, it will rotate the vehicle a full 360 degrees. Running the wheels on each side diagonally, but in opposite directions, will make it move from side to side. Since you can control the wheels separately you can put together any combination of movement and create endless possibilities of motion. 

Optimally the Okta Forklift is used on flat slick surfaces, like indoors on regular floors or even ice. It can be used outdoors, and can even climb up low stairs, but if it sinks at all into the ground, or dirt, even by 3 inches it loses some of its capabilities like its sideways range of motion.

Having this type of range of motion can be extremely beneficial when working in the tight spaces of a warehouse or construction site. In tight aisles where turning your vehicle around with a three-point turn wouldn’t work the Mecanum wheel can be extremely beneficial. 

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