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Paintstick Paint Applicator Makes Painting Fun Again
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Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 28, 2018

Painting the walls of your home or office used to be considered a long and tedious task. People wouldn’t paint their homes for years and years because of the hassle this task presented. Traditional paint rollers were time consuming, messy and difficult to use.  Now with the Paintstick Paint applicator you can save yourself time and energy and still walk away with a beautifully professionally looking painted wall.

The Paintstick works by taking the paint directly from the can and storing up to 18oz of paint it in its own handle. This means that no roller tray is needed. The wasted time for refilling the roller tray and going back and forth is now eliminated! Simply and without a mess you can apply the paint directly to the wall without being interrupted.  There is also a spatter shield which can prevent drips so that your surfaces are protected and there is no need to lay out a tarp.

The Paintstick can paint an 8x8 wall in just one minute, so imagine how fast a whole room could be completed. For those hard to reach high places it can extend up to 54in (137 cm) contributing to the speed at which one can paint. No longer do you need to drag out the ladder – just another interruption that is now eliminated.  There are also a whole host of accessories you can purchase with your Paintstick to help you paint or clean up with even more ease!

It’s now an easy and simple process to transform the look of your home with the Paintstick. A fresh coat of paint never looked so good and took so little time.  

The Painstick Paint Applicator can be purchased for $29.99 

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