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The Grip-Lock deters opportunistic motorcycle thefts
swiftly and conveniently secure your bike
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Feb 28, 2018

Certainly not a new invention since it was first seen 7 years ago, but this Grip-Lock is still a convenient and practical gadget to secure your motorcycle.


Weighing only at 330 grams (a lot more lighter and storable than regular locks and chains), the Grip-Lock immobilizes throttle and locks front brake as it is applied on the motorcycle's handlebar. Built-in adjustable sliders can regulate the brake pressure  from 0 to 100%.


The Grip-Lock is highly resilient against attacks with saws and bolt cutters and corrosions, as it is using four rods of reinforced spring steel in a glass-reinforced nylon housing.


Coming in 9 distinct colors, the lock serves a visual deterrent to potential theft at the price of $65 on Amazon.

Opinion: It is probably not going to dissuade a determined thief from taking your ride regardless. But as most motorcycle thefts are opportunistic in nature, the Grip-Lock is a great gadget to stop those petty perpetrators.


How effective do you think this Grip-Lock is in accomplishing its job? Let us know by voting or commenting below!

After watching the theft compilation, how well do you think the Grip-Lock will guard your bike?
Probably very useful
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