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XTend + Climb Telescoping Ladders Are extremely versatile and storable
Extendable Ladders
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 24, 2018

Xtend+Climb are the creators of the Telescoping ladders. They have created a full range of innovative climbing products that are safe and easy to use. These products are easy to use for personal and commercial purposes.   

Xtend+Climb have patented the True Telescoping Technology behind the ladders. They are the only ladders in the world that can be extended and locked at the desired height by the foot of the user. This makes Xtend+Climb safer than other telescoping ladders and allows for more flexibility by its user.

There are four series within the Xtend+Climb telescoping ladder family but they all have the following in common: They are storable, being able to fold them up and keep them out of your way.  They are easily transportable. Vans and trucks are no longer needed for transporting a 16 ft ladder and any size car can be used. They are lightweight and can easily be carried from job to job or within your home. And they are of course easy to use with their patented lock and release system.

The home and original series were designed for personal use with safety and storage in mind. They range from $149.99 USD - $233.19 USD and can reach heights up to 16.5 ft when extended and a storage height of 33 in.

The pro series and pro series elite, also known as the contractor series, is the strongest and tallest of all the ladders perfect for professional use. The pro series elite however as the name indicates is more comfortable for longer periods of time because its rungs are thicker than the regular pro series.  They both go up to 19.5 ft and can cost up to $321.59.

Xtend+Climb can be found in 4000 stores across the US and in 19 countries worldwide.

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