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Now you have a table that "swings" into a shelf
Again, for victims of space starvation
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Feb 23, 2018

We've covered a couple of furniture for tenants who are space-starved. This Swing table by Eve Collection is another furniture that can free up some of the already cramped living space.


It is estimated a regular table is only used approximately 3 hours a day. Swing table will loan out the area for other home functions during the remaining 21 hours. On first look, it's a table with simplistic elegance. With a gentle pull, it transforms into a shelf of five panels in a matter of seconds. Just be mindful of where the dining ware are placed on the table and you may not even need to move anything to make an artistic display.  Vice versa, it converts back to a functional dining table.  Embedded castors ensure smooth movement in the room.


The Swing table is available in 6 different styles and colors for indoor and outdoor settings. Each unit retails at €599 on German Smart Living

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