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Two gadgets that can jack up heavy truck
Air gets it done
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Feb 22, 2018

Pneumatics are often a reliable friend in vehicle maintenance business. And today we meet two machineries to show how air plays a part in lifting up heavy trucks and loads.


  1. Cattini Mammut Flat Lifting Bags

The Cattini Mammut flat lifting bags, working with an external lift kit or compressed-air source, are able to lift the heaviest loads. They are made with anti-slip surface to ensure steady load and operation and cone shaped protection edges. The durable heavy-duty material is able to withstand 3-100 tons of weight (depending on various models) at a maximum lifting height of 6.7 inches. They exert maximum force in a concentrated area, making them ideal when lifting rigid structures in tight space. The unique structure allows the use in load shifting, heavy truck, or aircraft recovery.

Interested parties may make inquiries to the company at for specific information.

  1. Buitink Technology Lifting Bags

Resembling a line of unformed tube men, Buitink lifting bags are able to salvage trucks with trailors, tipped trucks and coaches. The low pressure in the bags and large contact surface ensure there is little risk of damaging an overturned truck. Usually several lifting bags are deployed on the tipped side to gradually and safely push up the load and a set of inflated catch-bags are placed on the other end to cushion the landing. Powered by a 10 horsepower combustion engine blower to supply and extract air from the lifting bags, desired pressure can be consistently created and maintained.


The company is able to customize products depending on orders. Interested parties can go to this page for more information and making specific inquiries.

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