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Workout Smarter: Six Trackers for Weight Lifting 2018
Weight-lifting fitness trackers help to simplify your workouts
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Feb 21, 2018

Whether you're a die-hard gym bunny or someone who has just started to lift, now with smart technology, you can look for a way to add accurate information from your sessions to your daily activity tracking, with these fitness trackers.

A weight lifting fitness tracker helps to simplify your workouts! These devices will help you to keep track on everything from the calories you have burned to counting how many reps you have done, let’s check them out!

1.     GymWatch Fitness Tracker

The Gymwatch is an interesting weightlifting tracker that plays a big part in strength training of your routine. The device is able to measure strength can also keep track of your movements using the smartphone app when you’re on a machine or even using your own body weight. It's currently available for the reduced price of $99 at official site.

2.    Skulpt: Measure Body Fat and Muscle

Want to lose body fat? No you can measure muscle and fat directly with a portable hand-held device called Skulpt Scanner. It measures muscle quality and body fat percentage of 24 areas of the body thus provides a far more accurate gauge of your fat loss and muscle composition. The Skulpt body scanner and app will be a great choice for personal trainers, bodybuilders and figure athletes as part of a training routine. You can order the Bluetooth Skulpt Scanner now for US$99, with a charging cradle and spray water bottle included from the official site here.

3.     Beast Senor- Track Your Weight Lifting

Do you want to know how hard you're working while you exercise? Take your Gym workouts to the next level with Beast Sensor. It is small piece of physical hardware that you attach to the bar or your body when lifting weights to track things like strength levels, explosiveness, average power, weight volume, density, energy burn and much more. The data is synced in real-time to an app on your smartphone. Beast Sensor is designed for gym-goers, specifically weight-room junkies. Now weight lifting with the Beast Sensor monitor achievements when increasing your max strength, movement speed or your power and explosiveness for each exercise. You can purchase it directly for $250 from the official site.

4.    Atlas Wristband 2- A Tracker for Pumping Iron

The Atlas Wristband 2 is designed for those who want to track their weight training exercises and expand their workout regimes. Unlike other fitness trackers, the Atlas Wristband is not meant as a general-purpose device to measure steps rather it can detect and track more than 100 different exercises, such as a dumbbell shoulder press and a kettlebell swing, and offers real time heart rate monitoring. Simply, this fitness tracker helps you to stay focused on your workouts and works with the Atlas Android or iOS mobile app. The Atlas Wristband 2 is $199 direct from Atlas store.

5.     Push Band- Train with Purpose

The Push Band sets itself apart from most other fitness trackers that count steps, distance and calories rather it’s designed to enhance athletic performance by tracking each lift performed in the gym. The first scientifically validated wearable developed by the sports company is able to detect exercise repetitions and send real-time actionable feedback to your smartphone, so you can decide whether to keep pushing or hold back. You can purchase it directly from the Push store for $289.

6.    Athos - Workout Gear That Monitors Your Muscles

Athos is another weight lifting sensor that help people to quantify their workouts. This smart wearable technology product tracks 22 muscle groups and beams data to a smartphone app in real time. The Athos gear differs from other fitness trackers in a way that it can see which muscles fibers are exerting the most and alert you if a weakness in one part of your body is hindering another. For pricing and other details go through the official site here.


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