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Play Table:The Future of Virtual Play is here
A different board game console
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 21, 2018

Play Table is the first of its kind. A table top board game platform for the whole family to enjoy. It works similarly to the tablets you might already be familiar with, as it runs on an Android operating system, but it is also so much more.  You find and download your favorite games right onto the Play Table and can store them there – no more shelves filled with dusty game boxes, no more loosing pieces of a game and being unable to play, no more long and complicated rule books, and no more mess to clean up when you are done!

The difference between Play Table and your regular tablet is that Play Table reacts to physical objects as well, like dice, cards and figurines. So you do get that real board game feel by being able to throw your own dice but with the added bonus of awesome visual and sound effects. It was even made waterproof for when things get really exciting which is bound to happen and accidents happen.

What really sets Play Table apart is that you can create your own games even around objects that you already own with just a few simple steps.

There are games available for all age groups, including the classics that you are familiar with. So Mom and Dad and can bring back game night with their friends while the kids can use it for educational and developmental purposes. Don’t forget about Grandma! Even she can join in the fun remotely all she needs is internet access.


At the end of the day Play Table is all about bringing the whole family back together.  It brings back the desire to play those regular board games of our youth, think Chutes and Ladders (lol), so that the generations of today can also create those fun filled memories.

Play Table is currently still in the developmental stages with no official release date as of yet. You can however reserve yours today and better yet at discounted price of $349 USD. Once it hits the stores the expected retail price will be $599 USD and to begin with will only be available in America.


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