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This screw-propelled vehicle defies any off-road condition
And probably the weirdest looking vehicle you will ever see
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 26, 2018

The ZVM-2901 will probably be the weirdest looking off-roader you will have seen. With the body of a basic military truck it sits on top of what looks like two giant screws. 

It was originally built by the soviet military in the 1970s and then copied by different countries for different uses, such as agricultural, and then recently restored by the Russians again.

The idea is quite simple as the screws twist on top of the ground the vehicle is pushed forward. The same screws that move it forward are also hollow and allows it to easily float on water, glide through swampland, and dig through deep snow making it a true all-terrain vehicle. 

All though it is powered by a 159 horse power motor it seems to move faster off-road then it does on road (at a max of 15 mph), this vehicle wasn’t built with speed in mind, but it is capable of carrying rescue equipment and diggers to previously inaccessible land.

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