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Titan Tool offers airless paint sprayers that help professional painters
for residential and commercial painting and everything in between
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 25, 2018

Titan Tool is the industry leader in airless spray technology. They offer complete solutions for both residential and commercial painting and basically everything in between.

For residential painting Titan offers a full line of airless sprayers designed for interior and exterior projects, Multi Family homes, and for fine finishes such as for furniture or cabinets. The sprayers run on either gas or electricity. From the Impact 400, which sprays a powerful 1.62 gallons a minute and is an affordable price to the PowerTwin 12000 Di Plus, which sprays 1.25 gallons a minute and is the lowest cost roofing sprayer on the market, Titan sprayers help speed up painter’s job allowing them to complete tough projects on time and in return accept more work.

Titan has a sprayer built for any commercial job that you can imagine. From a small house to a bridge to road markings and even for airplanes. There is a sprayer that will get the job done. For example, the Impact 740 sprays 3 liters per minute and is designed for larger projects, where the work is tough and will take a long to complete.

Not all projects need to be of immense size, though. The Focus series is perfect for smaller projects and can be used for lacquers, stains and spray paint for things such as cabinets in kitchens, piping, furniture, woodwork or lockers. Titan provides the precision necessary for a beautiful finish.

The range of Titans sprayers is immense. There is a sprayer available for any type of job be it easy or tough. They are simple to use, long lasting and reliable. Professionals can count on them to get their jobs done.

Titan Tools are available worldwide from the USA to China to south east Asia and Europe.

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