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Nimbo is a security robot that patrols, alerts, and gives rides
A Segway-based robot guard
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 25, 2018

Its no secret that robots are taking more and more jobs away from humans. And the same is true for security personnel and systems. Meet Nimbo. An affordable intelligent security robot powered simply by Segway. Those of you familiar with Segway know how nimble and agile the Segway is, allowing for Nimbo to easily handle uneven terrain, small alleyways, and speed bumps.

Nimbo can be programmed to patrol specific routes 24 hours a day if needed. It can recognize suspicious events and analyze human activity, reacting appropriately. It can detect security violations and will warn the security threat with some form of light/audio/or video warning as well as sending a real time alert back to its controller. All the while Nimbo is collecting video evidence.

The technology that Nimbo brings to the security field can be used in conjunction with already existing security systems and will eventually be able to communicate with drones or carry additional sensors. Human security guards can still get on and ride the robot (up to 11mph), as you would a normal Segway, to arrive quickly on scene when human intervention is necessary. Nimbo can be controlled from your mobile device anywhere.

Nimbo can used for public safety, or in a parking lot, commercial facility and even at home. It helps to decrease false alarms like that created by a pet and greatly reduces response time in any of these scenarios.

Nimbo is not yet available for retail and the price is unknown. 

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