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Five Smart Shoes- Tracking Fitness Through Your Feet
for running, golfing, and casual wearing
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Feb 20, 2018

Wearable tech is rapidly evolving and companies are now offering consumers new and innovative products. Smart shoes be it for running or your favourite sports, they have become mainstream. We have rounded up a list of smart running shoes that promise convenient solution for those who want to track running and also enable personalized coaching recommendations, walking pattern analysis etc.

1.     Runtopia Reach - Smart Chip Equipped Sports Shoes

Runtopia Reach is an all new ‘smart performance running shoe’ that is designed to improve your running performance using current precision technology and gives you instant real time audio feedback as you run. This smart shoes would automatically detect and analyze data like gait, cadence, stride length and with its smart chip technology, you'll know exactly where and how you can improve your technique plus post workout analysis via Runtopia app. The smart shoes are available in Ash Black and Blaze Red and comes at retail price of $120.

2.    Altra IQ Sports Shoes

For early adopters and running geeks, Altra offers a moderate-cushioning running shoe that will change the way you run. Through embedded sensors in each shoe, it can provide real-time stride analysis. As you run, the sensors measure the pressure your foot exerts with each footfall. The concept is meant to improve running form, which helps runners avoid injuries, move faster, and run longer. Data on distance traveled, amount of ground contact time, and cadence are collected to improve stride and make you more efficient. You can purchase it from Amazon for $198.

3.     IOFIT Smart Shoes

If you're serious about improving your golf or fitness, you might find the IOFIT smart shoes, well, a good fit. The shoe can analyze and improve your golf swing from the ground up providing real-time feedback. The smart shoes work with the help of sensor technology embedded in the midsole which tracks how your feet interact with the ground during the swing. It is priced at $359 from the official site.

4.    Digitsole Smart Shoes

The Digitsole Smartshoe, also called as the “first intelligent sneaker” that automatically tighten, as well as heat the feet. Digitsole is equipped with technologies including self-lacing, temperature regulation, health tracking and more. The app is used to control the shoe's central heating, which can keep feet as warm as 38°C (100°F). Other important features include the Smartshoe’s cushion monitor, which is able to alert you when it’s time to replace the insoles. The sensor in the shoes analyzes, impact force, posture steps and calories. It is slated to come in March 2018 and is priced at $229 from Indegogo.

5.     Sensoria Smart Running Shoe

Sensoria debuted its first-ever running shoe which features embedded textile pressure sensors and aims to provide runners with detailed biometric feedback in real-time. When running, users will be guided by Mara, an AI bot that will detect and feed information back to the user on cadence, foot landing and impact force. The company says this is designed to demonstrate runners how to become more efficient and reduce the risk of injuries. The Smart Running Shoes are available to pre-order for $99 at official site.


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