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Sika Post Fix:The End of Cement
a new quick and easy way to fix your posts to the ground without using cement
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 20, 2018

Theres a new guy in town. Sika Post Fix Instant Post Mix is the new DIY competitor of quick drying cement. It is quick simple and easy to use. It requires minimal time and labor.

It is made of an expanding foam to help keep things like your mailbox and fence posts in place but still should not be used for structural posts. Within 15 seconds the product is mixed. Within 3 minutes it has set and within two hours it has reached its full strength. It requires no water, and is not labor intensive. One small bag of Sika is equivalent to two 50 pound bags of cement.

Once the hole for your post has been dug make sure your post is 1/3 into the ground and is standing level before pouring in the mix. No special tools are needed. Roll the pouch in the direction that the arrows are showing so the chemicals inside mix, cut open, and pour it immediately into the hole. You then have ten seconds to make sure your pole is straight and it should be held in place for 3 minutes.

Just roll, mix and pour! its that quick and easy.

Available at your local home improvement stores (in the USA) for $11.97 USD.

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