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EyeVac is a powerful touchless vacuum
Vacuuming will become your new favorite activity
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 14, 2018

Using the EyeVac is the most convenient way to clean. It is always on and in place, and automatically ready for use. You just need to sweep the dirt, dust, debris, hair or fur in front of the EyeVac’s touchless sensor. Then its powerful 1000 watt motor will suction up the particles placed in front of it.  The EyeVac has a large canister working in your favor so you don’t need to empty it often, and dual filters that work to blow the cleaned suctioned up air back out into your home.

The EyeVac comes in two color options and its sleek design will look good in any room of the house. It’s eco-friendly with its bag-less design and HEPA clean air filters. It would make a great gift as its literally perfect for everyone. Think parents, pet owners, professionals, and those with back pain tired of bending over.

Their home line is perfect for anywhere with hard wood floor like your den, living room, mud room, dining room, kitchen, workshop, etc. etc. and can be yours for $99 USD.  Eyevac’s professional line has a 1400 Watt motor and has both a manual and automatic function so there is no need to even sweep the particles in its direction. This one costs $119 USD. 

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