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5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Which Made Life Easier
Change your culinary ordeal instantly
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Feb 14, 2018

Modern technology has not just revolutionized the industry but has stirred up our kitchens as well. Several tech companies have realized the kitchenette crisis and are coming up with innovative and interesting kitchen gadgets and gizmos, which are going to make cooking fun. We have listed some really cool kitchen gadgets for your kitchen which are sure going to change your culinary ordeal instantly. You can thank us later!

Butter Spray

Easy and stylish, this butter spray gadget is equipped with an accelerometer which automatically begins the device, a heater which melts the butter at the right temperature and an air pump to spray the butter on the food items. With easy non-clog nozzle, ready-to-store in refrigerator and battery powered features, the butter spray comes with a sleek look, priced at $129. Check out this cool kitchen gadget at Biemspray's official website.

Whisk Wiper

Say goodbye to the whisking mess in your kitchen with this super cool whisk wiper, which is made in the USA. Available in various shapes and sizes, the whisk wiper not only makes the whisking process safe and clean, but it also helps in minimizing the baking mess and reduces the batter waste. It also acts as a smooth spatula. The durable material of the whisk wiper lends an edgy touch to it. Check out the latest version of whisk wiper and its exclusive price at Whisk Wiper's official website.

Fish Skinner

Now get rid of the smelly fish skin and difficult fish bones with this cool automatic electric fish skinner. With two simple steps, you can roll out the rib bones and the outer layer of the fillet without losing out on the meat. The removable intake wheel equipped with the fish skinner makes it easy to maintain its cleanliness. This portable and lightweight electric fish skinner is available at an exclusive price at Fish Skinner's official website.

Squeeze Station

No more hassle while feeding your baby! With this easy Infantino Squeeze Station, parents can store in hygienic pouches homemade baby food and smoothies. The food puree is squeezed into fine paste with the squeeze station which is directly stored in the pouches and the kids can enjoy the food without any difficulty. This portable dishwasher safe squeeze station is available at Infantino's official website.

Rolling Knife

Equipped with smart technology, the rolling knife ensures easy food cutting on the very first roll of the blade. Be it slicing, dicing, mincing, cutting or chopping, the rolling knife comes with an original blade, along with a tenderizing and pastry blade. It easily rolls through the food with great accuracy and adds a smooth texture to the cut pieces. The rolling knife is available at Meet Bolo's official website.

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