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Lifeware assists people with hand tremors to feed themselves
Steady does it
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 17, 2018

Liftware is a utensil set that gives back independence to those with disabilities such as unwanted hand tremors or limited arm or hand mobility. These handles and attachments allow people with these disabilities to eat on their own, gaining back their confidence and sense of self.  Liftware has two different lines to help with two different types of disabilities. There is Liftware Steady and Liftware Level.

Liftware Steady comes with a soup spoon, everyday spoon, fork and spork and of course an electronic stabilizing handle. This handle electronically stabilizes the utensil so it shakes up to 70% less than your hand would shake a regular utensil, allowing those using it to eat more easily.  The handle works with sensors and a small computer that detects the tremors and the tremors movements. The computer then moves the handle in the opposite direction of the handle – stabilizing it.

Liftware Level is for those with limited mobility and works similarly to the Liftware Steady. There is a small computer and sensors within the handle that keeps the utensil facing up and level no matter how your arm bends.

Both sets of utensils accomplish the same goal – allowing people to focus on enjoying their meal without the need to be fed by others. 

Either set costs $195 USD. 

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