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CleanStep Shoe Wrapping Machine
One Step, Two Step, Clean Step, Four!
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 13, 2018

This gadget is easy to use, convenient, eco-friendly and a cost saver. Using it is simple, just step onto the machine, and it will automatically wrap the bottom of your shoe with plastic and enclose it around your foot and into place. It works like a shrink-wrapping machine just for the bottom of your shoe!  

CleanStep is perfect for jobs where the environment needs to be kept clean and where shoes are required to be covered. Such as in laboratories, open houses, and sterilized locations. The plastic roll is able to cover about 1000 shoes, 500 pairs and is made from PCV plastic which is easily recyclable.

Bending over and slipping on those dirty used blue shoe covers is a thing of the past, as the CleanStep will do it automatically for you in just a few seconds. 

Heading back outside and need to remove the shoe cover? No problem, just peel it off and place in the recycling bin. There is no harm done to your shoe when using this machine. Once you're done wrapping your shoe with the machine, a new piece of plastic will automatically be pushed out for the next person to wrap their shoes. Simple as that.

For prices please contact the creators directly.

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