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Baby Steps In Battery Electric Trucks by Scania
Future electric roadway
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Feb 12, 2018

Ever since the 1980s, Scania Automobiles have been striving to emerge with successful prospects of electrifying the powertrain in buses and trucks. Recently, the automobile company, based in Sweden, began its testing in two different technologies in the field of electric power from the roadway.

Scania Automobiles have tested whether its powertrain technology with a hybrid powertrain can be improved by conductive electrical transmission through overhead lines, or dynamized through the outer road surface using induction, and thus administering electrically powered vehicles on electrified road sections.

The battery electric trucks of Scania in the northern Swedish city of Östersund have begun with their field tests. The company is also conducting trials with electrically powered trucks which are enhanced with pantograph power collector, positioned at the rear end of the vehicle. These electrically powered trucks get their source of power from overhead lines, which are quite like local trains and trams.

Scania electric trucks come with an interesting set of features:

·      Connectivity – Scania Automobiles have tested for uninterrupted connectivity between the pantograph unit and the overhead wires. The wide design of the pantograph makes sure that there is no loss of connectivity with the overhead wires, even when there is a sudden lane change. The electric truck also enjoys the power of connecting and disconnecting with the overhead wires while in motion. These electric buses are ideal for regular transport channels from point to point.

·      Power Source from Roads – During the testing, Scania Automobiles had joined hands with the Bombardier to test wireless inductive electric charging from roads. The electric power pickup, which is a power collector as well, has been positioned under the truck. It helps in collecting the power and transferring it across a reduced air gap between the road and truck.

·      Stimulating Sensors for Energy Transfer – The electric trucks are accompanied by modern sensors which are activated whenever there are energy transfers from the road. With close contact with other vehicles, the electric trucks can experience energy transfer.

The Scania electric trucks are also tested for its cost effectiveness, flexible handling options and easy maintenance. Offering an enormous range of buses and coaches for alternative fuels, including biogas, bioethanol and biodiesel, these electrically viable trucks are definitely a step towards sustainable and effective transport for inner-city operations.


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