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Six Must-Have Gadgets for Business Travelers
For a safer, easier and more comfortable business trip
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Feb 12, 2018

You already have a smart phone and computer but they are not enough in today’s world especially when you’re planning for a business trip. Whether you're on a road trip or heading on a long-haul, these six travel gadgets are certainly going to make your business trip safer, easier, or simply more enjoyable.

1.     Ostrich Napping Pillow

You might look a bit funny but at least you’ll sleep better. This unusual pillow offers a micro environment, isolates both your head and hands, perfect for a power nap in airport lounges, travelling or wherever you want. You’ll feel like you’re in a cocoon. It comes in different prices from the official store.

2.    Travelmate Fully Autonomous Suitcase and Robot

Whether you're getting through security or rushing to your gate, imagine a suitcase that follows you around wherever you go. Travelmate, the world's first autonomous suitcase does exactly this job for you. With smartphone-enabled lock system this smart autonomous suitcase moves by itself both horizontally and vertically and can easily navigate crowds and avoid obstacles in its path. Travelmate is currently available to pre-order here on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, and prices start at $399.

3.    eGeeTouch Smart Electronic Lock

If you unable to afford a ‘smart suitcase’, get a smart luggage lock that offers multiple access methods which traditional locks are unable to match. It can be controlled using a smartphone application eGeeTouch to keep your luggage secure as it requires no key, no digit-wheel dialing and no combination code. The fingerprint-enabled smart lock cost $20.

4.    Belkin Global Universal Travel Charger

Imagine a travel charger that works with any device. Belkin Global Universal Travel Charger keeps your devices charged whatever country you're in. It includes one charger with six interchangeable tips that cover the six dominant power formats across the world. With 2.4A output, it gives the fastest possible charging for all your devices. Purchase this product from the official site for $40.

5.     Steamfast SF-717- World’s Smallest Travel Steam Iron

The Steamfast SF-717’s 420-watt motor, mini travel steam iron is the smallest of its kind in the world. The powerful pocket-sized iron can be extremely useful for business travelers who are on the road and need to remove wrinkles from almost any fabric. It costs just $23 from Amazon.

6.    Bose QuietControl Wireless Headphones

You can't imagine how noisy your environment is particularly during traveling. For frequent business travelers, the noise-canceling headphones are a must. Bose QuietControls are designed to measure outside noise and cancel it out with the opposite signals. Adjust the level of noise cancellation with this wireless headphone and enjoy the excellent sound quality to your ears. You can purchase this product for $299 from the official site.

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