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Solar Gard: Protective Films with A Difference
Solar Gard offers protective films for both car windows and body
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 13, 2018

Solar Gard, headquartered in San Diego California, makes state of the art window films and protective coatings for the automotive and architecture industries. Solar Gard helps protect the things that are most important to you like your family, your home, and of course your car.

Using Solar Gard window film on your car as several benefits.  For example, it can help you to burn less fuel because you are using less A/C.  The film will keep your car as cool it now looks with its tinted windows, as it block up to 70% of the sun’s power and provides an equivalent of 285 SPF.

This window film does more than protect your car from heat and harmful UV lights it also makes your windows shatterproof, protecting your car and the contents inside.  You no longer have to worry about a break in overnight.  There will be no more smash and grab situations or car jacking.

Hold on though, we aren’t finished yet. That’s not all Solar Gard can do for you. It doesn’t just protect your windows Solar Gard also offers Clearshield Pro, a film that protects your cars paint job as well.  It’s basically a see-through shield for the body of your car, and stops any stains, scratches, nicks, and chips that can be caused by flying debris, or more. It seamlessly covers all or portions of your vehicle, keeping it looking like new for years to come.

Prices depend on what you require for your vehicle. For a quote please get in touch with your nearest retailer.

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