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Turbulent offers a future to decentralized power generation and distribution
The Eco-friendly Mini Hydro Power Plant
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 19, 2018

Turbulent delivers clean hydro energy at a low cost. It was inspired by nature and does not harm the local envirnoment or the body of water that is being used either. The requirments are such that anyone living near a moving body of water – even a canal - can benefit from using Turbulent. The energy you receive is also totally reliable as it doesnt depend on climate conditions, like solar or wind. Day or night you can depend on Turbulent for your energy needs. As long as the water and generator are moving energy is being created for up to 300 homes.

Turbulent is extremley easy to install. A hole needs to be dug next to the moving body of water you will be using and pre made parts need to be installed. Then a generator and impeller are placed in the middle of the hole and dirt is put back around the these man made additions. Water should then be able to flow from the original river, creek, canal, stream - you get the point - into the generator and start up the turbine. The turbine uses the natural whirlpool that is fish friendly and can let debris pass through, to generate  energy . The only moving part of this entire 'power plant' is the generator, and having been made out of good quality materials, maintenance and possible failure is extremely low. The idea is bring power to remote communities all over the world providing a positive economic, social, and environmental impact. 

There are different types of installations either in river, or on land with a short or long bypass. You just need to get in touch with the Turbulent team to see how they can help you and by how much they can lower your costs.

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