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Thunder Child is a self-righting capsize recovery boat
fast and unsinkable
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 18, 2018

Thunder Child XSV 17 is the latest addition to the fleet at Safehaven Marine, renowned for the beautiful but incredibly strong boats that they build. The Thunder Child’s design is special for its ability to go at very high speeds which offers fast emergency response times, and ability to glide easily through very rough waters.


The boat is also self-righting which means it is brought back upright in case it capsizes during large breaking sea waves. This feature is achieved through her very low VCG (vertical center of gravity) and buoyant superstructure, which allow the boat to pose a positive stability up to 120 degrees of heel. Further heel would be prevented as the superstructure is immersed and buoyant influence. Or if heeled beyond 120 degrees, a self-righting moment, allowing her to recover from a total knockdown or rollover. This feature has been tested in a live manned condition, according to Safehaven Marine’s website.


It has law enforcement and naval applications on board and can be used for S.A.R operations. 40 knots is its cruising speed and it will go up to 60 knots when pushed full throttle.  With its long range fuel tank (5,000+L) and reaching over 750 NM there is little stopping this beast.


It is equipped with all kinds of communication and navigation devices, GPS, radars, night vision camera systems, CCTV, and radio, perfect for the 10 cabin crew that fit on board. It’s ideally used in scenarios like pursuit, interception, patrol, and asset protection and can be armed with weapons like a grenade launcher and guns and can even be used in war-like scenarios.   

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