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Eat and Drink Smart: Six Gadgets for Fitness Buffs
maintaining a healthy active lifestyle by eating and drinking smart
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Feb 17, 2018


1.      Umoro One Shaker: Umoro One - The Ultimate Water Bottle & Shaker in One         

If you have to carry your shaker, protein, and water bottle with you, it’s time to buy Umoro One Shaker. Now you don't have to keep plastic baggies of mix with you: just one bottle, a push of a button and BAM. One of the best features of The Umoro One shaker is that it allows you to store unmixed water and protein powder. The Umoro One is the perfect supplement companion and can be incredibly useful to anyone that drinks protein or uses shakers. The Umoro Shakers come in a variety of colors and costs $19 from the official store.

2.    HAPIfork 

Are you eating too fast? Scientific studies highlighted the negative effects related to eating meals too quickly. You can now reduce your eating pace with HAPIfork. It is an electronic fork that helps you monitor and track your eating habits. It also alerts you with the help of indicator lights and gentle vibrations when you are eating too fast. All your data can be tracked with the accompanying app and transferred with a mini USB. Its app also has a coaching program to help improve your eating behavior. Yu can buy it directly from the official site for $100.


3.    Mark One Pryme Vessyl Personal Hydration Tracker

The more you exercise the more water you sweat out; your body needs to ensure hydration levels. Go for Mark One's product, Pryme Vessyl, a smart cup focused solely on hydration that's designed to track your daily liquid intake, making sure you're at your optimal hydration level. Once you are fill, it will let you know via your phone or smart watch. Pryme is your personal hydration metric as it also takes into accounts your height, weight, age, and biological sex, as well as ever-changing factors such as your activity level and hours of sleep. It simply works similar to a fitness tracker. You can purchase it for $70 in online stores.


4.    Nima Peanut Sensor

Allergic to peanuts? Peanut allergies are increasingly common in the United States. Nima Peanut Sensor, a new handheld device can apparently detect whether a food is safe for a person with peanut allergies to consume. All you have to do is put a pea-sized amount of food into the capsule, screw on the lid, push a button and wait for the sensor to work its magic. The handheld, Bluetooth-connected device also connects to an Android or iOS app where you can share your results, rate restaurants and packaged goods, and search for food options.  From next month, you can pre-order a Nima Starter Kit – Peanut for $229 ($60 off) in the U.S. and Canada on the Nima website.


5.    The Orange Chef Prep Pad 

How many calories were in that salad you had for lunch? What about Sugar? Fiber? Protein? Get all accurate details from Orange Chef’s Prep Pad, a smart scale designed to help you keep tabs on just how balanced your diet is. This smart food scale can work with a single ingredient or a whole meal, to give you a complete breakdown of the protein, fats, carbs and calories. You can buy it for $97 at Amazon.


6.    SmartPlate TopView

Eating smart just got smarter with Smart Plate. It is being touted as the world’s first Intelligent Nutrition Platform that uses advanced photo recognition and AI technology to identify, analyze, and track everything you eat in mere seconds. If you need to improve your physical performance, lose weight, manage blood glucose and carbs, or portion control – this gadgets best works for you and costs $179 in online stores.
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