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Square Off lets you play on real chess board from distance
The Worlds Smartest Chess Board
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 17, 2018

Square Off looks like your traditional chess board. However, when you find out what it can do you realize it’s anything but traditional. In today’s busy world making plans with someone who will sit down in the same spot with you and play a game of chess is slim to none. So many chess players end up online – playing on a screen – like so many other daily activities today.

Now with Square Off you don’t have to face that screen anymore. The idea is to get people off their screens and back to the board. Square Off is a real board with real pieces but the difference is your opponent can be anywhere. Literally anywhere in the world and they can move their pieces remotely.  There are over 200,000 users worldwide that you can challenge, but if that’s not enough you can also play against the board itself. Don’t worry if you are a beginner the board offers you 20 different difficulty levels. And should you not be in the mood to play you can tune into any match happening around the globe in their live stream mode.

The board is controlled by an app on your smartphone (available for both iOS and Android) and the pieces are moved by magnetic arms under underneath the box. The app and board communicate with each other via bluetooth allowing for smooth movements between pieces and most importantly making sure that no pieces crash into one another.

For the chess fan in you – this is a totally unique experience and a must buy. Currently available for Early-bird purchase on Kickstarter for 179 GBP. 

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