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Clip-Air: A modular airplane offers flexibility for future air travel
Welcome to the concept of pod planes
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Feb 06, 2018

Clip Air, the futuristic modular aircraft, could forever change air travel.

Developed by Switzerland's Federal Polytechnic Institute, Clip Air carries a separate flying part, which includes cockpit, engines and airframe, and detachable pod-like cabins that can house passengers or cargo payloads.


The detachable pods are designed to be compatible with rail tracks, so passengers may easily hop on to the pod at a railway station and fly out to destinations without having to switch between different transportation methods.


The airframe bears a pair of long metal legs protruding from each wing to ensure the cabins can fit under. And large fuel tanks are attached right under the wings. According to the project developers, Clip Air is able to use both conventional fuels and liquid gas such as hydrogen to propel the engines.


The project is only a concept for now and takes a long way to eventually materialize. However, the crew is preparing to build a 10-meter drone prototype to test technical feasibility on a limited scale.


If the project does become a reality one day, would you want to be the first passenger? 

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