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Going vertical is the next level space-saving solution
Not enough floor space? Just hide it underneath
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Feb 05, 2018

In a world where space-starvation becomes increasingly real, multi-use of  single space is the new trend in home design to accommodate varied needs of home owners. These following inventions and designs solve some of the most prominent "FWPs" (first world problems).

Fancy Fence

It is fence and retracts underground to open up entry. While keeping your humble abode secure and private, view is significantly improved by removing the horizontal bulk that is attached on traditional fence. Based on the materials requested to fit surrounding, Fancy Fence can be installed as metal bars, crystal glass or wood slats, which can be both practical and visually elegant. How much for it? You will need to enquire this Polish company on their website.


Agor Engineering Moveable Swimming Pool

If you want to double the use of a swimming pool, especially when it's indoor and floor area is a big premium, you may like Agor Engineering's idea. The company adopts hydraulic floors to let you adjust the height of the swimming pool, to the point where you have a uniform floor space to make it look just like anywhere else. It costs $300-$500 per square foot.


Spiral Cellars

Resembling a gateway to your doomsday hideout, the wine cellars are wrapped around a cylindrical opening underneath the floorboard. The Spiral Cellars are good for 1) wine lovers and collectors; 2) storing and showcasing wine collection; 3) homes and restaurants that are horizontally challenged. It can house up to 1,900 bottles of wine, and costs roughly $55,000 depending on how deep you want to dig down.


Car Dok Underground Parking

Need extra parking space but your lot is already full? Well, go verticle. Car Dok uses hydraulic technology to lift and lower platform, which was non-differentiable from your lot or lawn, to offer an additional parking spot. Besides being all cool and stealth, Car Dok provides extra security to your beloved cars than parking on the ground. It costs reportedly $61,000 to $72,000. The latest product features Carlift with rigid chains for a lifting capacity of up to 12 meters to accommodate multiple levels of car parking.


Stiltz Duo Alta Home Lift

The Stiltz Duo Alta is useful in a home with mobility-challenged residents. Being self-supporting that causes no structural stress to your house and powered by an electric motor plugging right on home power, the lift only occupies a small corner of your home space and help people move up and down floors with ease and security. In time of a power outage, a back up battery ensures normal use within a limited time frame. It is estimated to cost around $16,500.


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