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Six Office Gadgets to Help You Increase Your Focus at Work
Fight distractions at your office or any other workspace
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Feb 06, 2018

Everyone in a workplace at some point of time feels stressed that can also lead you to lose the track of your assignments. Focus is really needed at the workplace otherwise the productivity is reduced. The more you focus, the better it is for your ultimate work-life balance. Technology has also come rescue to make you work smarter, healthy and more engaged.

We have rounded up the list of six office gadgets designed to help maximise potential and block out daily distractions. Let’s check them out.

1.     Yo-Yo mini Standing Desk- that allows to work both sitting and standing

Are you tired sitting on a chair all day? Sitting at work is killing us. Why not to explore Yo-Yo mini Standing Desk which allows you to work both sitting & standing. This pop-up desk has a unique gas spring for smoother up/down movement to 15 adjustable heights. You can buy this product for $353 from online store.

2.    Humanscale’s Office- a desk sensor that boost activity

The Humanscale’s Office IQ is a sensor box which monitors employees use of workstations - – and, in turn, encourages more physical activity. OfficeIQ’s sensor technology gathers data on sit/stand use and provide users with real-time feedback, activity scores and sit/stand alerts. It also makes furniture work for people and helps users make better health decisions throughout their day–not just in the office. Buy this device for $250 from official store.

3.    Nemonic Printer- exclusively prints sticky notes

Imagine a printer that does not require ink or toners. Yes, you heard it right. Nemonic is a smart printer that exclusively prints sticky notes. It uses special thermal paper so that it doesn’t need ink or toners. It’s easy to be handled with one hand. Nemonic is designed to play with others on your desk, keeping your environment tidy at all times. The printer costs $120 in online stores.

4.    Fidgi Pen- a pen that helps you focus

Fidgi pen- a fidget toy that is disguised as a pen. It offers endless fidgeting to keep you busy. It looks like a pen and uses premium materials, so you can fidget to your heart’s content without anyone knowing. The Fidgi Pen comes in Black, Rose Gold, Gray and White and you can buy from the online store for $20.

5.    Lumigent- start a video conference with voice command

Lumigent, a robotic smart desk lamp that is aiding you with your work with a camera and Wi-Fi. It captures everything on and around your desk via your voice commands. Just say "Alexa, ask Lumigent to turn on", it automatically transforms itself into appropriate positions determined by the voice it hears. Ask Lumigent to switch to webcam mode to start a video conference.

6.    Dopple- wearable that actively changes your mood

In order to reduce stress and increase focus at the workplace, use dopple wristband that can literally change your mood using your body's natural response to rhythm. There’s a lot more in wearable technology, but dopple is offering something unique, it helps users stay alert or calm down, naturally, in real-time. Available in black or white, it costs $179.

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