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The DOT watch is the first smart watch for the visually impaired.
You don't see time flying by, you feel it.
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 04, 2018

The DOT Watch is the worlds first smart watch for the visually impaired.  It has been developed in Korea to be an affordable and accessible innovation for the blind to lead independent fulfilling lives. The watch uses Braille to tell the wearer the time, as well give them their notifications from their phone. Since it is the first of its kind to offer the time in Braille, and not just with indicators, the DOT Watch really offers a true smart experience to its wearer.

The DOT Watch is pretty standard in terms of smart watch specs with is rechargeable battery, a touch sensor, a vibration motor, and Bluetooth. Its made from lightweight aluminum and is 43 mm across. It is quite thick at 12.5 mm but still comfortable to wear. DOT comes with the usual smartwatch functions such as: time, timer, alarm, stopwatch, gyroscope and accelerometer.

DOT is connected to the user’s phone via Bluetooth and can receive all notifications, incoming calls, texts, directions etc. The wearer no longer has to listen to their notifications out loud but can read their notifications in private. The watch vibrates when a notification comes in. It will also alert the wearer if it is connected to Bluetooth or not. DOT has a crown and two buttons for input – like quick reply, accept call, and remote control.

Underneath the face of the watch are four motorized compartments with six possible dots. Each dot can be raised or lowered, so four Braille characters can be displayed at a time. The face of the watch has only a protective rim, so it can be read like one would read Braille on paper and also protects the modules from daily wear.

The DOT watch uses haptic force feedback technology to detect finger movement on its face and will automatically change the pins to show the next characters. This makes it possible for the watch to display text at a regular reading rate even if the space on the watch is limited.

The Dot Watch is available for preorder now for $290 USD.

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