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Explore These Seven Gadgets with Your Smartphone at the Workplace
For more productive use of smartphone in the office
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Feb 09, 2018

We all spend good portion of our life at work. And our smartphones remains with us all the time. Some of these innovative gadgets will change the way you have been charging your smartphone and others would also help you to schedule online meetings via smartphones at the workplace. From your phone stand to wireless chargers to keep you juiced up, check out these gadgets to love your work at office.

1.     Satechi SX-20 Energy Station

If you are one of those people using two mobile devices at all times and looking for power, Satechi SX-20 Energy Station has been made for you. The Satechi Portable Energy Station has the power to keep your devices charged when your battery is running low. This product can charge multiple smartphones and tablets at arms-length. You can buy this product from the official site for $20.

2.    Pinnacle Series Smartphone Stand

Who wants to live without smartphone these days? Smartphone remains with us everywhere be it office or home. The simply perfect phone stand by Pinnacle not only holds your device, but enables you to actually use it at the perfect angle. The Pinnacle elevates your device to the perfect viewing angle, smoothly rotates 360° for seamless viewing, and allows for charging. Pinnacle was designed to allow your device to be charging while you use. You can buy this device from here for $125.

3.    Ossia’s Cota Tile

Imagine if you never had to worry about charging the phone. The new Cota tile, a wireless power transmitter disguised as a drop ceiling tile what the company is calling its 'Forever Battery' that will never die. It comprises a transmitter, a receiver, and software to manage it all. It wirelessly charge phones, tablets, at once, and doesn’t interfere with any Wi-Fi signals.

4.    NanoPad Nano Suction Smartphone Pad

Have you ever wished that you could attach your smartphone to the wall, while you are doing something important? Now you can attach your phone to any smooth surface with the NanoPad Nano Suction Smartphone Pad without a problem. NanoPad itself is a thin pad that sticks to smartphones or their covers. Physical and chemical reactions make it possible to attach your phone to a white board as a meeting is being run. It costs just $9 from the online store.

5.    Window-Mounted Solar Charger

Looking for a way to charge up your smartphone at the workplace without power? Simply stick this solar charging bank to a window, plug in your device to the integrated USB charging cable, and snag yourself some free sunshine power. The Window Solar Charger is said to need a good 13 hours in bright (sun) light to fully charge its battery using PV only. It costs approximately $25 from online stores.

6.    Mobile Stand S310

Do you like watching videos at work? Explore the Spigen S310 phone stand. The stand elevates your phone just enough for your cable to easily connect to the device without bending excessively. The bottom of the stand is made of aluminum and thanks to the fixed TPU dock that holds your device at a comfortable viewing angle. Get it for $30 from the official store.

7.    Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless

Mobile working ideas and services are being used for businesses today. TeamConnect Wireless is a portable wireless conference system that provides superb sound for online meetings. It’s extremely easy to set up with multiple connectivity options with any smart device or a laptop or video conferencing system via Bluetooth, USB, thus allows you to stay connected and conversant with your team or customers wherever you are.  You can buy this device from the official site for $4000.

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