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Pocket Sprite: your keychain gaming device
The tiniest gaming console in the world
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Feb 10, 2018

Meet Pocket Sprite, the world's smallest portable gaming device that you can simply hook on your keychain.


Yes, it is tiny, measuring only 55 by 32 by 12mm. Yet the tiny body supports an OLED screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a rechargeable battery, a built-in speaker, a 128 Mb flash storage, a D-pad plus four buttons,  and  a micro USB port, which gear up Pocket Sprite to a full featured emulation console.


It is pre-loaded with GNUBoy and SMS Plus simulators, enabling you to play every single game from Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Color, Sega Master System, and Sega Game Gear platforms. All your retro gaming experiences are brought back from childhood.


Icing on the cake: The small console's open source toolchain and bootloader allow users to develop their own games, which can be later wirelessly uploaded to the console to replace old games.


The tiny display will probably put strains on your eyes after extended playing and your hands are surely too big for the console. I guess it is a tradeoff you will have to make for having ultra-portability and a practical geek charm.


Porcket Sprite is now launched on Crowd Supply and you can get yours for $55. The product is expected to ship out in May.



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