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5 Gadgets for an elevated bathroom experience
Would you break the bank on them?
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Feb 08, 2018

TOTO Neorest 750H Toilet

The $10,000 toilet that is freaking everyone out comes with the following features: a motorized lid that automatically raises and lowers when sensors detect a person approaching; heated seat; retractable washlet to clean user with warm and aerated water and dry them afterwards; deodorizing and self-cleaning by UV light to break down residual particles when not in use. Everything can be controlled by a remote attached on the unit.


Kohler Elevance Rising Wall Bath

It looks like a normal bath, except for a little tweak. This Kohler Elevance Bath has a rising wall that can be lifted up and lock into space easily. This feature makes the whole bath more accessible and safer to users who love a relaxing bath but have difficulty climbing in and out of a regular bath. However, Kohler has stopped making this rising wall bath, which used to cost between $9,000 and $14,000 depending on sellers.



ESG Switchable LCD Privacy Glass

Need privacy in the shower but don't want a concrete wall to block natural light? ESG Switchable offers the largest sized LCD panels (1800mm*3500mm) to meet your needs. All it takes is the switch of a button that connects to power to turn on and off the film.


Footmate foot scrubber

It usually requires sitting, bending or standing on one leg  when you are trying to clean your feet in bath. Footmate foot scrubber can clean, sooth, massage and stimulate the bottom of your feet without all those troubles. It retails at $31.99 on Amazon plus a piece of 7.5-ounce rejuvenating gel.


Nebia Shower System

Unlike traditional shower head, the Nebia Shower System, which ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and is backed by Tim Cook and Eric Schmidt, transforms streams of water into millions of droplets. It can save up to 70% water and be just as effective than using a regular shower head. That savings translates to a considerable amount of money saved on you utility bills. But again, if you like the needle streams of water massaging you body and think $649 is too expensive for a shower head + wand, the Nebia Shower System is probably not the best for you. 

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