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Six Cool Tech Gadgets That You Need For Your Office
Make your desk as fun as Michael Scott's
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Feb 08, 2018

Office is the place where you spend most of your day. Nobody wishes to work under clutter desk however technology always produces something new and interesting. We rounded up a few coolest office gadgets that will make your work exciting and create a better atmosphere.

Spice your office up with some of these coolest office gadgets.


Flick Smart Button


Imagine a device that controls just about everything on your smartphone with just the click of a button. Described as a ‘world’s smartest button,’ it simply can trigger dozens of actions with a one-click command. In the workplace, you could use Flic to call a meeting, order lunch or as a doorbell etc. You can purchase it from the official store for $35.

PenPower WorldPenScan X

This device allows you to scan, recognize and translate printed information to a computer. The scanner is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android and I Phone. The scanner can also decode 12 plus languages and turn the words into English. It is easy to handle and portable as it is just eight inches long. You can buy this product for $100 in online stores.

Hetty Henry Desk Vacuum


Are you sick of the dust in your keyboard or near your computer? Getting rid of this dust is indeed a frustrating task. Hetty Hoover Desk Vacuum is the saviour that can clean the tightest of spaces! The device requires two AA batteries and is the mini version of the famous Henry/Hetty hoover. Simply, it can be of great use for office space to suck up dust and crumbs from your laptop and is worth $31.

WhiteFox Programmable Mechanical Keyboard


Customize your workspace with the compact programmable keyboard known as ‘WhiteFox Programmable Mechanical Keyboard’. Designed by Matteo + Input Club, it comes with an aluminum frame and custom keyswitches to suit all of your needs. With open source software, the options for each key are endless. It comes with hefty $169 price tag.

Cyanics iStick Desktop Organizer


This product provides an easiest way to organize your workspace at office. It is designed for people who want to make their desktop organized all the time. You can use the device for keeping pencils, stapler, sticky notes and few other essentials. It comes with the size of 21.3 x 4 x 3 inch. Purchase this product for $40 from online stores.

PIXO—Magnetic Tablet Mount for Desktops


How about using tablet as second display at work. PIXO is a magnetic tablet that lets you connect the tablet to your computer so you can use it as a second display. It can be also used to sync the screen with a third-part app if you prefer to share your screen content with many different brands of tablets and computers. It costs just $35.  

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