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Six Devices Help to Maintain Healthy Posture at Work
keep your body in healthy shape
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Feb 07, 2018

Are you sitting properly at your desk? Maintaining a healthy posture throughout each day is extremely important. With the help of wearable tech, you can help you correct your posture and improve your health.

Check out this list of wearables and devices to keep your body in healthy shape.

1.     Upright Pro Posture Trainer

According to a study sitting for too long hours causes long-term health complications. To find the remedy go with the Upright Pro Posture Trainer one of the effective smart tools that helps you maintain a balanced posture and prevents an aching back. The company claims perfect posture in just two weeks with Upright. You can buy this product for $129 from online store.

2.    SITTS Posture Back Support Wedge Cushion

The perfect back support pillow helps you to reduce tailbone pressure, which eventually favors healthy weight distribution and posture. SITTS works on any chair type including the softest sofa. It is recommended for people with lower back issues and will alleviate the strains of sitting and provide actual relaxation during long periods of sitting. You can buy this product for $50 at Amazon.

3.     DeskCycle

Sitting at work for long hours is killing us, we mentioned earlier. Why not to bring something that eliminates your tiredness by doing some work. The DeskCycle lets you burn calories while you sit at your desk. The benefits of exercising at work are greater than just losing weight, improving your health, and extending your lifespan. Get this product from the official store for $159.

4.    Patu Aluminum Alloy Rotating Desk Extension Pad Armrest

Who doesn’t want to care about health while you work at desk? The main goal is to reduce stress and pain of eyes while staring at the screen for long hours. This product has been specifically designed for computer-heavy professions such as IT professionals, designers, office employees and etc. It simply offers an enough wide range of motion and comfort to adjust for any sitting posture. Get this product for $30.

5.     Lumo Lift Posture Coach & Activity Tracker

Are you sitting comfortably or slouching bringing you down? No need to worry. This small buzzing wearable helps you sit straighter, stand taller, and look better by buzzing when you slouch. Its app not only tracks your posture, but also counts steps taken, and distance travelled over the course of a day. Lumo Lift works and syncs wirelessly with your iPhone or or Android 5.0 (Lollipop). It costs $80 and is available in online stores.

6.    Prana

If you have already used a bunch of sensors to monitor your activity for comfortable sitting, how about going the full hog and adding posture and breathing to the mix? Prana is the first wearable which tracks both breathing and posture for several healthy benefits for body and mind. It is designed to rapidly activate your body’s relaxation response through proper diaphragmatic breathing and good posture. Buy this wearable for $150.








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