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Fissot Motorized Fishing Kayak lets you play two sports on one boat
Let's go kayaking! Let's go fishing! Let's do both.
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Feb 02, 2018

The Fissot Jet Powered Fishing Kayak is one of a kind. The name says it all.

Like most kayaks on the market, the Fissot Fishing Kayak is made of the widely used polypropylene to support the body and wings. The whole unit measures 11′ x 33.5″ x 16.6″ and weighs about 105 pounds.

The modular nature of the kayak allows other parts and attachments to add to the body. The wings can be opened upon needs during cruising. They can increase stability by distributing weight to a larger surface on water. So you can stand more steadily on the kayak when resting or fishing.

The kayak is built with rod holders and  separate compartments in the front and rear to store personal items and caught fish. Also a pad is included in the package.

The highlight of this kayak is it comes with a 40-pound motor, which can push the boat to a maximum speed of 6 mph for 2-3 hours on a single charge. It allows the kayaker to rest when he/she gets tired from paddling water. And two foot pedals and a rudder at the back allow the passenger to navigate directions.


However, this Kayak is not versatile enough to accommodate rough stream or dynamic flow conditions.


We do not know how cheap you can get this Fissot Jet Powered Fishing Kayak for. The official website does not have a price quote but we found one eBay selleroffers the whole package at $1,997plus a $370 shipping quote and an Amazonretailer sells it at $2,997 plus a $59.49 shipping cost. Your best bet is probably Alibaba  but you may need to order multiple sets to get the best price.


The novel kayak obviously is pricey. Share with us how much  you think is a reasonable price?



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