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Now in Tech: 1/27/2018
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Jan 27, 2018

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange lost $400M to hackers

Coincheck, a Japanese digital currency exchange said hackers were responsible for stealing over 500 million NEM, which was worth around $400 million in value. NEM is the tenth largest cryptocurrency by market cap and aims to enable payments and financial transactions on its distributed ledger platform.


Google release Clips camera

After revealing the Clips camera at last year's Pixel 2 launch, it is finally available on Google's website. The Clips camera depends on AI to decide to take either a picture or a video, and is priced at $249 a piece.


Airbnb to spend $5 million on its Experience

Airbnb's is putting $5 million to take its Experience to other cities in the US. The Experience is a feature to entice users to go on a weekend trip to nearby towns. This investment is looking to expand Experience from 50 cities to 200 cities in the US.


Venmo offer instant transfer for 25 cents

After PayPal introduced instant transfer to move money to bank account for a fee of 25 cents, now PayPal owned Venmo is doing the same. The usual free transfers on PayPal, Square and Venmo are free, but take longer to arrive in real-life bank account.


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