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Six Smart Devices That Turn Your Bathroom Smarter
New additions for your future bathroom
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Jan 27, 2018

Smart home technology is entering into your bathroom. And also smart home companies believe technology will change the way consumers use the bathroom. With these technological advancements smart devices are renovating the most private place in your home.

With bathroom devices such as these, going to the bathroom has become far more tech-savvy.

1) Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

The most compact gadget in the bathroom allows you to squeeze soap automatically as it detects hand movements. Umbro Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser is easy to use and comes with a modern and stylish design. It is affordable and is good for people who want to limit germs.

2) Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

You can enjoy music while taking a shower with Kohler Showerhead. From playlists to podcasts, it can deliver up to seven hours of sound, according to Kohler's official website. The waterproof device syncs with your bluetooth-enabled devices including smart phones or tablets. The gadget can also be used outside the shower space and stream music in any room. It provides across seven hours of run time.

3) Numi Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are environmentally friendly nowadays. Kohler's toilet seat will heat your butt as you do your business. You can also talk to the Numi smart toilet, which has seat and feet warming, mood lighting, and music control features. Installing this in your bathroom will surely add luxury to your life.

4) Oral-B Pro 3000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Bluetooth Brush

The electronic rechargeable Bluetooth brush connects with Oral B app to monitor your daily brushing routines. It comes with 3 modes which include daily clean, gum care mode and sensitive mode. You can have this in your bathroom as dentists always recommend for better teeth care and improving oral health.

5) Fitbit Aria 2 Wifi Smart Scale

Are you concerned about weight and want to get a clearer picture of your health? Try using Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale. This smart scale measures your weight, body fat percentage, BMI and lean mass. It wirelessly syncs these stats with your Fitbit Dashboard and mobile apps, and is designed to help you achieve your weight tracking goals. The product comes with a polished glass surface and has a thin design which makes it easy to transport.

6) Clarisonic Alpha Fit Facial Cleansing Brush

The ultimate gadget allows you to cleanse your face, remove dirt, sweat and oil from your face. It also helps to reduce ingrown hairs and manages shaving irritation. The product comes with a rechargeable battery and USB enabled charging cradle. This gadget can act as a saviour for people who are very careful about their facial skin.

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