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E-stonia: the future home of Digital Nomads
My story of getting Estonian E-Residency
Aaquib M S
By Aaquib M S
Jan 26, 2018

I finally got it

Yes, that’s right I finally got my Estonian ‘E-Residency’ Card (for those who do not know what E-Residency is I would suggest this article here). I applied for my E-residency on Nov 21st 2017, after mulling over it for over 3 years. I first heard of the program back in 2014, and I have been following it ever since. And I finally took the jump and applied for it. 

The whole process took 2 months (received my card on 26th Jan 2018). So here ill take you through my experience of applying for the program and what I hope to do with it in the future, the first process is to apply for the card.

All you need is a copy of your passport, a digital copy of your photo and to let the program know why you are interested in e-residency and pay for the program, which cost me 100 EUR and select the location of where you want to pick up the card. After I applied I received an email telling me the process has started and they will keep me informed of the progress, I received an email on December 11th, 2017 saying that my application is being reviewed (which apparently was submitted on December 1st, 2017 which I felt was a bit weird but I didn’t mind it, I just wanted to wait out and see what happens). Then on Jan 11th, 2018 I received an email saying that my card is approved and I will get an email on a later date to pick it up. Finally I received the email on Jan 25th, 2108 my card is ready for pick up, I set an appointment for the next day and went to pick it up.


The pick up process was quite interesting; the embassy official took fingerprints of my left and right index finger, they asked me to push down hard when I placed my finger on the scanner, had to use my other hand over the finger and push it down, and explained to me how to setup the card, which was quite simple. You just go to and download the different apps from the app store (for Mac, sorry I only what happens in Mac) and that’s it and you are ready to go.  Within the e-residency package you have your e-residency card, PIN Codes and card reader.

And before they handed the package over to me they said keep the card and PIN codes separately and in case of loss of card call the Estonian Police and they will block the card and issue a new one and then they handed me over my Estonian E-Residency card and said welcome to Estonia, which made me smile (Please not that this is not a valid travel document, you cannot use this document in place of Visa/Passport/Resident Permit to enter Estonia or Schengen Zone). Yes I know this looks simple and easy, because it is. I think Estonian Government has done an incredible job of making this happen and giving a lot of entrepreneurs (or future entrepreneurs) an opportunity to be digital nomads.


What I plan do with my new e-residency? Well I haven’t decided yet but in the future I hope to maybe start my own little business online. But for now I’m happy to take the card and be ready on a moments notice, who knows when or how an inspiration might strike! Next I’m looking forward to Estonia’s plan to develop their crypto currency.

Check out e-residency here:   

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