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Ford inflatable seat belts can better protect your in accident
Ford put an airbag in the seat belt
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 26, 2018

Ford first came up with the inflatable safety belts way back in 2009. Though not visible nor vastly adopted in many car models, this invention can be a lifesaver in critical moments of a car crash.


The inflatable seatbelt deploys within milliseconds when triggered in an accident. A tubular airbag unzips itself from the seams of the seat belt across the passenger's chest. Compressed gas stored in a small canister will quickly break the seal on the canister and enter the airbag . The inflated airbag then will spread the crash force, which is usually concentrated along the regular seat belt, to a wider part of the body. It will reduce likelihood of injuring chest or ribcage by providing a larger surface. Also the tightened bag can effectively reduce forward movement of the passenger thus the potential risk of head injury.


The inflatable seat belt is only installed on rear seats and is especially beneficial to child and elderly passengers who are more vulnerable to chest, head and neck injuries. The airbag feels cool to touch and will remain inflated for 6 seconds (safeguarding passengers in extended rollover situation), unlike the front airbags that are usually bust out hot air and deflates immediately.


The above is a list of vehicles that already have inflatable seat belt on board. Parents who need to install car seats on any of the vehicles should only purchase the ones that are approved for inflatable seat belts. 

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