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Now in Tech: 1/25/2018
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Liz Page
By Liz Page
Jan 25, 2018

Chronicle is Alpahbet's newly launched cybersecurity company

Chronicle is a new addition to Alphabet, which is more commonly known as the parent company of Google. The newly launched cyber security company aims to help companies better detect and fight off hackers. It evolved from the X moonshot group and now becomes a standalone entity to offer enterprise security intelligence and analytics platform


Xiaomi is now the biggest player in Indian smartphone market

Another great news comes in ahead of Xiaomi's IPO. Two recent reports claim Xiaomi beats Samsung to clinch top seller spot  in India as of the fourth quarter of 2017, with 27% share of the pie compared to 25% from Samsung. India is the second largest smartphone market after China.


50 Cent becomes another Bitcoin millionaire

After holding the Bitcoins collected from his 2014 album sale, Rapper 50 Cent now is $8 million richer than before. As one of the first few musicians to accept Bitcoin purchase,  he accumulated 700 bitcoins in 2014, which the rapper left untouched and was worth around $460,000 back then.


One of Snap's VP will quit tech

Tom Conrad, Snap's VP of Product who joined the company less than two years ago, decides to leave Snap in March, ending his service at both his employer and tech industry. He was once the CTO at Pandora, the online music streaming company, before taking the job at Snap. And now this player says he will "put energy outside of tech, into music, food, photography and things closer to art than entrepreneurship”


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