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Snap Jack: the space saving tables and chairs
Up and off the wall
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Feb 02, 2018

Snap Jack is another space saving genius idea. It allows you to keep control of your either small or minimalist space. It is a system of storing your dining table and chairs in a simple non-descript and stylish matter. It really isn’t a complicated concept, all you need is an empty wall where you can hang-up the Snap Jack.   

First the chairs are folded together and hang next to each other almost like puzzle pieces. Then the table is hung over or in front of the chairs, hiding them, and the bottom of the table is all that is displayed to the room. The total thickness of the chairs and table only reaching 54 mm. The bottom of the table can be left a natural birch or painted, so when all is said and done it looks like a painting. From one moment to the next you have a table with 4 chairs and then a lovely painting, clearing up that dining space to be used for something else. The possibilities are endless.


Snap Jack partnered with graffiti artist Flox to design a series of specially painted tables adding some urban cool to your new sleek furniture.  You can tell it’s her by her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers transforming plain white walls into scenic jungles. 

This is a unique mix of furniture making, mechanical engineering and art. 

The total large Snap Jack set (4 chairs and table 200cmmx80cm) without a painting will set you back $3,995 NZD. If you want a touch of Flox in your home that will cost you $4495 NZD.


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