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Awesome magnets you should definitely check out
Attractive or repulsive? They are definitely polarizing.
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Jan 31, 2018

We don't usually see magnets in person on a daily basis, despite they are more closer to you than you think: in computer disk drive, earphones, cellphones and many more, magnets invariably play a critical part in making the devices work. But after taking off the mysterious covers, magnets can be simply awesome.


Neodymium magnet

Meet neodymium magnet, the strongest magnet that is commercially available. It is the most widely used rare earth magnet and is a permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. Neodymium magnets are vastly adopted in motors, hard disk drives, and magnetic fasteners. Just see for yourself its sheer strength.


Hover pen

This hover pen setup is way cooler than a regular pen and pen holder. It floats, spins and writes. From now on, pick up your pen and writes like an astronaut.


Sand script

The metal ball follows the magnetic Zen and moves through sand to craft mandala patterns or simply randomize. Put it on your work desk. The mesmerizing drawing will alleviate you from earthly stress. Zen!


Sisyphus Coffee Table

Adopting the same methodology, this Sisyphus Coffee Table lifts your home décor to a new finesse.


Magnetic putty

Besides watching the Jaw on TV, this is probably the closest re-enactment of Quint getting devoured by the shark. Just use your imagination.


Solar system-timer

Simply majestic! Time to get a new clock!



Now you can use anything to make an art exhibition. Just put it on the levitator and let it float and spin. 

What other interesting magnet gadgets have you seen or known? Please comment below to add to the list. 

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