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Nikola NZT Off-Roader: the most powerful electric off roader on the market
So powerful you will have to try it to believe it
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Jan 30, 2018

Introducing the worlds most advanced electric UTV’s with amazing performance and capabilities.  

A few months ago, Nikola made some promises about the upcoming off-roaders they were going to release, and they made good on that promise – and then some. They are coming out with 4 options where their base model, the NZT 198, will still have 100 more horse power than the Can-Am, which is currently the most powerful UTV you can buy. For comparisons sake, the top of the line model, NZT 440, will have 590 horsepower.

All four models will be 4WD to help you rip through the bush or desert, wherever you plan on riding these beasts. They will also have power steering, 33 inch Kevlar reinforced tires, 20-inch suspension travel on each wheel thanks to internal bypass shocks, a fancy touch display, IP67 waterproof interiors, and lastly front and rear windows. And even the most daring daredevils will be happy with safety of the NTZ’s since they include things like the anti-rollover system, ABS brakes and stability control.

The power behind these guys is no laughing matter either. You can charge your vehicles by a normal wall socket or J1772 quick charge outlets. There are three different battery options that will give you a range between 145 -241 km (90-150 miles) which is no match for the usual 40 km (25 miles) that UTV’s are generally used for.

Not only is the motor and batteries something to gawk at but the interiors are even more comfortable then anything else out there. The NZT’s provide 4 inches more of legroom and seats designed by Beard. There are 4 USB outlets, factory audio options, Bluetooth and even storage place. Talk about off-roading in style.

Basically, the electric NZT is 3.5 times stronger than any of its competitors on the market. These are part of the rare products that you need to see to believe. Scratch that. You don’t just need to see it, but you need to experience it to believe it.

Reservations are open on Nikola Motor's official website. And one of these can be yours for a base price of $28,900.

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