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Six Gadgets That Every Student Needs To Have in Their Study Rooms
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Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Jan 29, 2018

Technology has made its roots in every corner of our lives and people prefer to adopt their lives in a smarter way. With increasing demand in the market, companies now focus on innovating products which can be quite helpful for students to have in their study room.

Here is the list of smart gadgets that every student should have in their study room to enjoy smart reading and also play with these devices.

1) Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

The best way to spend your leisure time in your study room is reading a good novel on Amazon Kindle. The Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is about the size of a paperback book without the bulk. The gadget comes with display of 300 ppi – reads like real paper and no screen glare even in bright sunlight. You can buy it from Amazon for $111. 

2) HP Sprocket Photo Printer

This gadget allows you to connect to your smart devices and print your memories. HP Sprocket is simply a fun photo printer, in your pocket. It comes packaged in a 2-in-1 camera, but works with anything Bluetooth-enabled. The gadget is portable and easy to carry. The HP Sprocket, which retails for about $129 not only helps you in study room but can also be used for vacations and special occasions.

3) Logitech Slim Folio Case with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad - Black

This keyboard case allows you to connect your tab easily and is long lasting in terms of battery backup. The keyboard is soft and you can even use it on your lap.  So if you want to work sitting on your study desk then this keyboard can be savior as it acts like compatible and portable device for your smartphone. With just one click, the Logitech Slim Folio case with integrated Bluetooth keyboard simply makes typing on your iPad even easier. You can buy it from the Apple store for $99.

4) Bose Portable Wireless speakers

If you are a kind of person who prefers to have some soft music while working in your study room then you should try this wireless speaker. The speakers comes with voice prompts which makes it easy to pair and has lithium ion battery that lasts up to 10 hour of play time. You can buy Bose wireless speaker for $ 175.

5) DBPOWER T20 Mini Projector

Working in study rooms at times requires the projector to work on projects or assignments. The DBPOWER T20 is an affordable mini LCD projector and comes in a compact box that includes the projector itself as well as some cables. It has some notable advantages is significantly cheaper than many projectors out there. It costs just costs $99.99.

6. Moleskine Evernote Ruled Smart Notebook

This diary syncs your handwritten notes to your phone. To translate from paper to pixels, the Evernote smart notebook by Moleskine uses Evernote's Page camera feature to capture the pages of your notebook with your smartphone or tablet. Access your notes from any device and share them if you wish — you might just become everyone’s favorite study buddy. It cost just $ 21 from online stores.

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